On the 8thof August , Director of Bugge Shipping – Gert Ackermans and Managing Director of Shipping Company Boeckmans – Aunthony Durot visited Navis Crew Management Office. Navis Crew Management gave a warm welcome to the guests of honour.

The negotiation was held by Maksym Karpenko, Irina Sviridova, Sergiy Danylchenko and other staff of Navis Crew Management Company.In the course of this negotiation opportunities for potential joint cooperation were mentioned and agreed. 

Functional duties of a manager:

1)   Candidates’ selection;
2)   Interview with candidates;
3)   Verification of standard set of papers in compliance with Minimum Safety Manning;

4)   English test (oral);
5)   Monitoring of candidates’ application forms;
6)   Crew planning ( embarkation/repatriation/planning of the next voyage);
7)   Negotiations with partners;
8)   Negotiations with the Masters/Agents concerning the arrangement of embarkation;
9)   Arrangement of formalities connected with visas;
10) Booking of flights and hotels;
11) Marks in the check list;
12) Marking Black List;
13) Record keeping of crediting of crew wages to an account on the basis of Crew Planning;
14) Collecting of necessary documents for visas;
15) Preparing of documents in compliance with Flag Certificate;
16) Preparing of papers which must be signed according to the check list;
17) Check of references.



1)   Seafarers’ registration;
2)   Receiving of phone calls/faxes/messages;
3)   Registration of incoming/outgoing correspondence;
4)   Issuance of certificates/letters of referral;
5)   Official registration of registry cards;
6)   Arrangement of computer tests (Ces 4.1, Ces 5.0 online, Marlins, Marlins online, SETS);
7)   Assistance in preparing of papers corresponding Flag Certificate;
8)   Inquiry;
9)   Booking of transport;
10) Order/record keeping/delivery of overalls;
11) Updating of application forms;
12) Insertion of information in data base;
13) Monitoring of regularly ordered goods;
14) Receipt of certificates and calling of rescue service if necessary;
15) Monitoring of consistency and availability of necessary documentation on company’s stand;
16) Arrangement of interview with superintendant.

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