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Navis Crew Management

Address: M, Tomis Business Center, Mircea cel Batran street, no. 152 bis, Constanta, Romania 900627

Tel (Ro): +40 770 44 55 77

Tel (Ua): +380 91 481 07 87

Offshore Cadet Training Programme

We are proud to support Cadet Training Programme developing and advancing our future offshore officers in all onboard disciplines - Deck, Engineering and ETO. A diverse fleet enables cadets to gain sea experience of a cross sector on different types of vessels. Our strategy is to encourage the graduates to pursue a long term career growth within our Company.


Positive Work Ethics

NCM promotes the right values and attitudes towards work by means of the Standards of Cultural Management Skills and Values Formation as well as through Shipowner specific briefings for safety and proper decorum in the corresponding working environment.

Predeparture Coordination

NCM conducts the required briefing to crewmembers concerning the types of vessels they are to embark, their functional duties, responsibilities and background of the Company. There is also a company code to avoid sea accidents, proper decorum and protocol expected from them as competent seafarers. It emphasizes the obligation, dedication and loyalty to the vessel and its owner, superiors, cargo, passengers and crewmembers.

Management of Crew Families

One of the major factors influencing seafarers’ psychology while on board is their families at home. We are always ready to provide our crewmembers’ families with any assistance to ensure productive and effective work on board.

Management of crew while on vacation

Upon receiving notification about the next employment contract, we inform and assist seafarers with their documents, i.e. renewal/extension.

Manning Programme

NCM creates and develops a pool with the same seafarers to return on board vessels upon request. Crew is kept updated on retention programme regarding proper recruitment and appropriate transportation.