Dear Seafarers Family, Navis believes that one of the keys to prompt and successfully employment is the validity document term not less than 6 months before the contract commencement as obligatory requirement by the majority of our contractual clients. Eventually, STCW documents package updated on due time is the minimum required documentary qualification letting you be on the list under consideration for further employment opportunities at all times.

We are pleased to announce that our specialized manager is available to consult & assist You on the matter of documents package arrangement/renewal/prolongation, specifically:

• Seaman`s Book
• Seaman`s Seagoing Service Record Book
• COC / Endorsement
• GMDSS / Endorsement
• Refresher courses
• STCW certificates
• Offshore Trainings & Courses

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Dear Seafarers Family, Navis is pleased to announce that US Embassy in Kyiv, Ukraine has resumed its operation for the issuance of American visas for citizens of Ukraine. From 12.05.2020 Embassy of the United States of America has started acceptance of documents for applying all types of visas including B1/2, C1/2 which are applicable for seamen.

Also we would like to remind You that Navis Crew Management provisions Visa Arrangement Services to following countries:

• Algeria
• Angola
• Australia
• Brazil
• Canada
• China
• Denmark
• Democratic republic of Congo
• Eсuador
• Indonesia
• Ireland
• Gabon
• Ghana
• Hong Kong
• Iran
• Japan

• Libya
• Mexico
• Morocco
• New Zealand
• Nigeria
• Norway
• Saudi Arabia (KSA)
• Singapore
• South Korea
• South Africa
• Switzerland
• Taiwan
• Thailand
• United Kingdom (UK)
• United States of America (USA)
• Vietnam

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Aramco has worked to roll out a company-wide health awareness campaign, ensuring all employees have access to the latest accurate information about preventing transmission of COVID-19; what actions to follow should symptoms occur; and where to receive medical assistance.

In addition, Aramco has introduced an online COVID-19 mental health tool for it personnel in isolation or quarantine, along with their family and friends. Where possible employees are working from home, including those deemed to be at higher risk from infection. However, many other staff members continue to report to their normal workplace because of the essential nature of their duties, which cannot be conducted remotely.

To protect staff working at Aramco sites, the company has intensified sterilization measures, with 100% thermal screening of employees and contractors across all facilities and company transport laid on to limit the possibility of contagion at offshore and onshore locations. Last month, the company and its subsidiaries donated $53 million to the Health Endowment Fund of the Ministry of Health of Saudi Arabia to support efforts to combat COVID-19.

Navis provisions crewing management service to the diversified fleet including to 11 NOS AHTS DP2, 8 NOS PSV DP1/DP2, 2 NOS Cable Layer DP2 Accommodation Barges, 9 NOS Jack Up Barges DP2 Self Elevated/Self Propelled currently hired under ARAMCO projects insuring above requirements are strictly met/followed by our supplied offshore personnel. Our operators have implemented binding measures due to COVID -19. Therefore from the very outbreak of quarantine Navis team as well as our supplied seafarers were instructed for further control of health status starting two weeks prior departure adhering to pass additional medical examination checks at our approved medical centre. Further pre-joining instruction is duly carried out by our team on virus precaution measures. Although, from 12th March all office employees were transferred to work remotely without compromising on their working conditions and remuneration, unlike less firm competitors within the offshore services providers market in Eastern Europe.

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Let’s make a perspective on the global offshore market offers projections to 2035.

To assist navigate and understand the current cycle in the offshore rig market, our offshore drilling outlook provides a reference case for the evolving offshore markets for jack ups and floating rigs (semisubmersibles and drill ships) through 2035—delivering a view on market conditions and timing for recovery.

2020’s market started with the lowest activity levels seen in 20 years, on 21st April 2020 oil prices turned negative. At that same vein, operators have not increased offshore-exploration capital expenditures. Although some premium rigs have been reactivated recently, we anticipate that the market will be slow to recover.

In 2018 alone, 37 jack-ups were retired, the highest number seen in the past five years. Despite these retirements, there was still an oversupply of jack-ups. Marketed utilization has been reduced to about 62 to 69 percent, and new contracts were for day rates that were an average of 15 percent lower than they were in 2017. For floaters, 20 rigs retired in 2018, which led day rates to increase 25 percent in 2018, accompanied by an increase in the number of fixtures signed.

By 2035, we project that exploration and production companies will need to add 43 million barrels per day of new crude from unsanctioned projects to meet demand. Closing this gap will require additional output from both shale and offshore. We expect offshore to account for about 30 percent of this new crude production, with roughly half of the total offshore volume coming from deep-water and higher-cost ultra deep-water resources.

As non-national-oil-company operators shift focus to deep-water fields because of increasing break-even costs of shallow-water fields, jack-up demand should grow 1 percent per year through 2035. Following this trend, utilization will recover to above 80 percent by 2023, driven by a large number of retirements and continued deferment of the order book. The chronic jack up oversupply appears set to end, as extensive retirements of older and lower-spec rigs in the near future are expected to lead to a 9 percent decline in the overall jack up fleet by 2035.

Over the course of 2020, floating-rig demand will drop slightly because of unstable oil prices, but growth—to the tune of 6 percent per annum between 2020 and 2027, then 2 percent per annum until 2035—is expected to follow. Key growth regions will be Africa, Brazil, and the Gulf of Mexico. We anticipate that supply will remain relatively stable through 2026, leading utilization to recover to 80 percent by 2026 and long-term floater-supply growth to reach about 13 percent by 2035.

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Dear Seafarers Family,

Over the upcoming months, we would be growing close to all of you in our recently created Telegram community. As a team, we have decided the best way to continue and educate our global community is through other social media channels. Platforms such as Telegram will allow for easier access to searchable content. We will continue to keep you informed for above the market job offers with reasonable rates within Navis Crew Management (NCM) entire client list, while educating and attracting a wider audience interested in Offshore Oil & Gas industry letting you know more about Navis serviced projects.

We are growing fast and we’re committed to success!

Our Official Navis Telegram Channel (NTC) was first formed in April 2020 as a central hub to gather and apprise those interested in our managed/serviced Offshore Projects & Available Vacancies:

1. Grow a community of loyal supporters interested in the advanced technology we are building long-term.
2. Receive particular feedback from those recruited & employed by dint of Navis in Offshore Support Vessel, Construction, Exploration and Production divisions within Oil&Gas Offshore industry.
3. Collect incredible real-life stories from offshore professionals affected by the current state of the Oil&Gas industry.
4. Post up our community in the full extent regarding available job offers with reasonable rates within Navis Crew Management entire client list of serviced projects in Offshore Support Vessel, Construction, Exploration and Production divisions within Oil&Gas Offshore industry, including New Projects Commencement Notifications evolving offshore markets for Jack Up Barges and Floating Rigs through entertaining activities, challenging others to step outside their comfort zone and explore the vast seascape of the multi-trillion dollar industry we are targeting.
5. Gather community questions about our services and mission in order to create focused content during the next stage of business growth.

We plan to keep NTC opened for announcements and will close down the ability for community posting, as our team resources are better suited elsewhere. What’s to come will be more effective. Our newer anticipated bots platform will allow us to get your questions answered and distributed to a wider audience. As they say, when one door closes, another shall open.

Here’s what you can expect from the Navis Team moving forward.

• Quarterly Tech Updates outlining the progress of our developments.
• Opportunities providing our team with constructive feedback.
• Employment offers updated list opening career opportunities, as well as our additional services newsletter to seafarers by Navis.
• And more to come!

NCM is in this for the long haul. We are pro-actively working closely with industry leaders and enterprises. Our goal is to bring more efficiency, transparency, accountability and responsibility to this industry.

Innovative leadership is our strength. We are willing to do the necessary work, in collaboration with industry partners, to create changes long overdue in the industry.

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The Navis Team

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