Swiber is a world class company to the Offshore industry, offering geographically-diverse customers integrated services classified under four main business units: Offshore Construction Services, Offshore Marine Services and Engineering Services.   

Swiber has dedicated itself to transforming the company into a success in the offshore industry. Today, Swiber holds a prominent position amongst major offshore oil and gas companies. With more than 3,200 employees in over 40 different nationalities strategically located offices in the region, the Swiber brand name is synonymous with a track record for excellence, safety and value among its customers.

Swiber's extensive fleet of 80+ modern and well-equipped construction and support vessels is one of Swiber's key assets in upholding the reputation as a leading niche services provider to the offshore oil and gas industry. Swiber primarily use its marine fleet to complement and support their offshore construction, offshore support, and offshore drilling businesses.

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Navis Crew Management

Address: M, Tomis Business Center, Mircea cel Batran street, no. 152 bis, Constanta, Romania 900627

Tel (Ro): +40 770 44 55 77

Tel (Ua): +380 91 481 07 87