Navis Crew Management participated in ACI’s 11th Maritime HR & Crew Development 24th & 25th October 2012 in London, UK.
The following matters were discussed:
Maritime Labour Convention (MLC): Implementation and Practical Implications;
STCW: Understanding and Simplifying the Changes, Regulations and Legal Advice: Seeking Professional Support;
Technology Support to Improve Crew Management;
Processes and MLC Compliance;
Efficient Crew Management Solutions;
Safety Leadership, Strong Safety Performance;
The Piracy Threat: Preventing and Avoiding Piracy Attacks;
MLC Regulation;
STCW Regulation;
The Piracy Threat;
Safety Leadership, Strong Safety Performance ;
Benefits and Opportunities of a Shipping Career;
Generation “Y” – A Generation that Wants To Be Listened To
Recruiting Great Crew Members in the Emerging Markets;
Discussing In-House Training Options for Shipping Companies;
Keeping Crew Members Motivated;
Innovating in Training;
Delivering Cost Effective Training to Crew Members.

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