Aramco has worked to roll out a company-wide health awareness campaign, ensuring all employees have access to the latest accurate information about preventing transmission of COVID-19; what actions to follow should symptoms occur; and where to receive medical assistance.

In addition, Aramco has introduced an online COVID-19 mental health tool for it personnel in isolation or quarantine, along with their family and friends. Where possible employees are working from home, including those deemed to be at higher risk from infection. However, many other staff members continue to report to their normal workplace because of the essential nature of their duties, which cannot be conducted remotely.

To protect staff working at Aramco sites, the company has intensified sterilization measures, with 100% thermal screening of employees and contractors across all facilities and company transport laid on to limit the possibility of contagion at offshore and onshore locations. Last month, the company and its subsidiaries donated $53 million to the Health Endowment Fund of the Ministry of Health of Saudi Arabia to support efforts to combat COVID-19.

Navis provisions crewing management service to the diversified fleet including to 11 NOS AHTS DP2, 8 NOS PSV DP1/DP2, 2 NOS Cable Layer DP2 Accommodation Barges, 9 NOS Jack Up Barges DP2 Self Elevated/Self Propelled currently hired under ARAMCO projects insuring above requirements are strictly met/followed by our supplied offshore personnel. Our operators have implemented binding measures due to COVID -19. Therefore from the very outbreak of quarantine Navis team as well as our supplied seafarers were instructed for further control of health status starting two weeks prior departure adhering to pass additional medical examination checks at our approved medical centre. Further pre-joining instruction is duly carried out by our team on virus precaution measures. Although, from 12th March all office employees were transferred to work remotely without compromising on their working conditions and remuneration, unlike less firm competitors within the offshore services providers market in Eastern Europe.

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